The Chef

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By: Andy Weir

It was okay. This is probably the best description in the least amount of words (okay, I could have gone with ‘OK’, but in most cases I dislike abbreviating, so, deal).

The story begins with a woman talking with her doctor after an accident. Things are obviously not as they seem, and this is clear from the beginning just from the way she is talking with her doctor – the things she is revealing, the questions he is asking.

It seems that Doris has been lying to herself, and the author decides to give the reader a clue to this by adding an Author’s Note at the end of the story to go back and read it again. I went back and looked, but didn’t read the whole thing a second time. I couldn’t.

The ‘teaspoon/tablespoon’ thing was clever, but I think it was poorly handled, by either the author or the doctor. Though, I wonder if in something as short as this there is really a difference.

The doctor’s presence and questions seem odd, and has almost a twisted feel as he questions his patient, then makes cold statements to her still form before leaving the room. He seems almost a sociopath at times. Which is bad because he’s supposed to be treating poor Doris.

Well, I guess you can decide what the truth is yourself, by reading this short here:

It’s up to you if you read it again, though.


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