Fushigi Yugi: Vol. 1: Priestess


By: Yuu Watase

The first in a series, and part of my continuing journey to read what my kids are. I have to say, I actually liked this one. Maybe because I started at the beginning, unlike some of the manga I’ve read, or because the author is young and not inundated with the stereo-types of manga (or rather, those that I associate with manga), or maybe it’s the atypical heroine who is not sure she wants to be the center of this story.

Miaka and her friend are drawn into a book in the restricted section of their local library. You know something? One thing I’ve learned from reading books, is when something says ‘Do Not Enter’, you better not. It’s just easier. Well, apparently Miaka likes food more than reading (which may be why she is having to go to a special school and study over the summer to get into a elite school her mother wants her to attend).

A casual encounter into that book leaves Miaka wanting more, and her friend Yui dealing with strange events that she cannot explain. Miaka returns after a fight with her mom, and winds up trapped in an alternate version of ancient China, where she finds herself the unwilling heroine of an ancient story, and having to collect the pieces of a puzzle together to get home.

I like the fact that the characters misbehave from time to time, and act up as teenagers are prone to do. Considering the age range of the intended audience (and my own kids), this seems to make the characters easier to associate with, and relate to. Not bad. I found myself laughing out loud a number of times, despite trying to stay quiet. My oldest daughter, after checking what I was reading, gave me a knowing smile and walked off.

She knew.

Good for a number of reasons, even if this is not my typical choice in reading material. But, that’s what diversifies a reader, right?

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