Splat the Cat Takes the Cake


Based on the bestselling books by: Rob Scotton

Cover art by: Rob Scotton

Text by: Amy Hsu Lin

Interior illustrations by: Robert Eberz

Splat and Seymour, his little mousie buddy, decide to enter the cake baking contest – and have a little bit of trouble. Okay, more than a little…

Splat is watching his favourite television show, and accidentally breaks the television. Everyone is upset. But Splat has a plan. The first prize for the cake baking contest is a brand new television! Splat just got to win it! He tries, and tries, but nothing goes right. He just winds up making a bigger mess. Poor Splat! But things turn out all right in the end.

This book teaches to keep trying, even when things seem hopeless, and to follow your dreams. Good advice for anyone, no matter their age!

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