Justice League: Volume 1: Origin


By: Geoff Johns; Jim Lee; Scott Williams

Part of DC Comics’ reboot series, The New 52, the new Justice League is a combination between classic heroes and new origins. It has raised quite a bit of acclaim and criticism, and this is one reason why.

A rash of alien sightings has  heroes from all corners coming together, bumping into each other as tempers (and egos) flare, cities are destroyed, people die, and mass confusion reigns. Typical day in the life of a superhero. But they’re not all super, are they?

Green Lantern and Batman seem to have a love/hate relationship right from the start. Both feel like they should be in charge, and wind up wound up in their own egos while local authorities try to take the heroes out. With the mess that they leave behind, it’s no wonder that the military and police are out to get these guys.

Cyborg is not one of the classic heroes (at least not as much so), and his origin is obviously different than the others, who are already set up, but somehow slightly unaware of each other.

As the heroes join together to defeat the Big Bad, they still remain at odds within the ranks, and lack definite leadership. Supes isn’t stepping up, Lantern is, and (oddly enough) so is Aquaman. Is this the New 52 way of giving importance to an outdated character? Not sure.

As the story wraps up, I’m left feeling like there is no JL, and they are simply looking for a way to escape back to their own lives and fight one-on-one. With the last battle, it actually seemed like they would have been better off doing that anyways.

I have reserved the next episode, and hope that the writers do a little better than they did with this one. As it was, I was left a little bleh. I don’t care about these guys. I don’t care if they can work together. I don’t care if the world accepts them. I’m kinda hoping they don’t.


Because they are not a team.

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