Flip-a-Word: Wet Pet


By: Harriet Ziefert

Illustrations by: Yukiko Kido

Includes the word families ‘-et’, ‘-ed’, and ‘-am’. Our last book from the Flip-a-Word series from our local library, and I am both relieved and sad to see it so. Why? Well, gentle reader, let me tell you.

This series has become a bit tedious for me, although I have seen amazing progress with my two-year-old and her reading/speech skills. There are words that she recognizes immediately, and will say without prompting when I point at them, while others it seems that I am reading to myself.

The repetitive format of the books are great for learning/teaching and the youngest of readers. This is a kill-joy in me, though, when the little one is jumping on the bed and I am essentially reading to myself. But, the rhyming words settle her down like no others, and when I endure, she falls to sleep. Eventually.

I like the images that match the rhyming lines, but there is no story, and they go nowhere but to that image. I guess I can’t be too picky, but, I read books everyday. Maybe I can.

This series will be revisited as the little one learns to read, but not right now. I need a break. Steak. Lake…

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