By: Cornelia Funke

The sequel to Reckless, this book goes even deeper into the Mirrorworld as Reckless tries to find a cure to the curse the Fairy put on him. New companions join Reckless on his journey, with intent to help and harm, while familiar characters from the first book start to be seen in a new light. Perhaps it is the fact that Reckless is rushing against the clock, or the magnificent story that sweeps you along, but the book moves quickly, carrying the reader with in one huge sweep.

This is not a kids’ book, despite the child-like content of fairy-tales and bedtime stories, a magical mirror that transports you to another world, and a cast of legendary creatures and places. The fact that somehow Reckless’ own world has started invading the Mirrorworld more and more, resulting in wars and an industrial revolution increase this perception, as do his growing feelings for Fox.

Fox, no more a mere second shadow to Reckless, is a main character. We learn of her troubled past, her desires and fears as Fox fights to keep Reckless among the living on her own quest. We also learn her true name. But Fox would be a mere player in a cast of thousands, if it weren’t for Reckless, and his strong feelings for her.

A new character, which is as mysterious by the end of the story as he is at the beginning, Earlking, is introduced and gives timely suggestions and hints to Reckless, extracting a dangerous promise from him while in duress. Sneaky, low-handed move, that. We only get a glimpse of him, but find that Will knows who Earlking is. Question is, does he *know* who Earlking is?

This book was so good in a sweeping sense. The reveals perfectly timed. And the third book comes out later this year (in English – it is already released in German)! I will definitely be continuing the series. Now if only Ms. Funke would send me a copy of the third book to review, I’d be good!

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