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Blessings of the Lady

cover art

cover art – Blessings of the Lady

A Story by Mitherl

Who is Mitherl, and what has she written? Those were my first questions when I came across this short story.  Since she hasn’t seemed to have written anything since, I’m not sure I care too much about the first, but I do sincerely hope she comes back out of the shadows soon.

The story, Blessings of the Lady, is set in a future/fantasy world. This is typical in the current fantasy genre, but with the hint of super-advanced weapons, a shady government organization, and a lead character that you like almost as soon as you start reading, you get the feeling that this story is set in no typical fantasy sprawl. Missing are the dwarves and elves, dragons and fairies that speckle the typical fantasy story. Instead you are brought close into the story, watching as if from a short distance away.

The Lady turns out to be a sort of resistance leader, kept mysterious by the limit of interaction she plays in the story. Only one character seems more mysterious than she, the Cat Lord at the end. With a cast of charged characters, one can only guess at the stories these two might hold for the future.

As for Genesis, the main character, we can only hope to find out more about him and his little involved partner, Darker.  I find that I didn’t much care what happened to Darker, since his involvement was minimal, too, but the fact that Genesis cared so deeply about him, I want to know what happens next. Does Genesis save his friend?

I guess it will be some time before we find out, so in the meantime, Mitherl, wherever you are, get writing!