Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi: Volume 2: Prisoner of Bogan


By: Dark Horse Comics

Story By: John Ostrander & Jan Duursema

In this, the second volume of the Dawn of the Jedi saga, we see (and learn) more about the force sabers that become the familiar lightsaber, see strained relationships crack and galvanize – each according to their own situation, and learn more about the Sith.

Former Force Hound Xesh meets with fellow prisoner Daegen Lok. Both are dangerous to the Je’daii on their own, but together pose a threat like no other.

Sek’nos Rath, a Sith warrior, meets with Force Hound Trill in an intricately performed kidnapping. Trill is on the hunt, and using Rath for bait, unbeknownst to him or his friends.

The Inner Circle of Queen Hadiya meet once again, summoned by an unlikely enemy. Though no longer recognized as legitimate leaders, they still hold influence and power.

Shae Koda hunts for Xesh as well, although with different motives. Her anger and frustration fuel the confiscated force saber, causing her to question her true self.

There are many things coming into play that become the catalyst for the familiar scenes of Luke, Old Ben, Leia and Han. A great read for the upcoming new movie – The Force Awakens.

I *did not* like the sloppy lettering in the first few pages. Someone was either lazy, or not paying attention before the book went off to the printers. Words are squished together to form one long word, don’t properly fit speech bubbles, and detract from the story. Graphic novels, when done right, should flow seamlessly, engaging the reader, and blurring the line between visual and reading. These few spots dragged me back to reality, and were really irritating to see.

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