cover art – Undone

By: Shannon Richard

I did not like this. The title was recommended by someone I know, but when I picked it up at the library, I could tell right away from the cover that this was one of those seedy romance books. I despaired, but I decided to give it a shot, and not ‘read a book by it’s cover’.


So, this nice enough girl, Paige, hits a streak of bad luck. Almost everyone’s been there, so I felt empathetic toward her right away. She loses almost everything in her life, and goes to her parents’ new house in Florida to recoup, and runs into more bad luck. The day she gets a flat that she can’t fix on her own,and can’t pay for, the trouble gets worse, and the seedy romance begins. ‘Here we go’, I thought, but pushed on.

So Paige meets this boy, Brendan, the local mechanic and a bit of a self-made man. Okay. Who also happens to be a pushy, controlling, possessive-aggressive man. Damn girl, didn’t you have enough trouble to begin with? And that’s not all.

So Mr. Mechanic (who her friend refers to as the hot mechanic) gets the girl he likes a job. Working at a funeral home. Paige is an artist, so she copes and does what she does best – piss off people, create art, and be eye-candy to small town boys.

There’s this issue, too, with a guy named Chad who gropes and sexually molests Paige. He gets off without much skin off his back. Even though it happens multiple times and Brendan’s response to Paige when she tells him about it is to start yelling and screaming at her. Holy crap. The girl just had a traumatic experience, and now, for his own pride, Mr. Mechanic makes it worse? No wonder girls have a hard time understanding what normal looks like.

So, after that mess, Paige has to deal with losing her own father – which Mr. Mechanic handles by getting drunk with his buddy, getting in a fight and arrested, and showing up in the nick of time (happens alot around here) to save his sister and her, finding out she’s knocked up, and constantly being defamed by the local gossip, she’s off to the start of a happy marriage! Even if it screams dysfunctional from all angles.

Oh, well. There are two more books already in this series (and a fourth hinted at) for those liking this sort of thing, but I couldn’t get over the entire strips of repeated lines, how the story would get going nicely, then jump ahead to something else or change POV. I can’t stress how annoying repeating oneself in a story is. “He buried his nose in his hair and breathed deep.” How many times did he do that, or to some variation – throat, neck, etc. Countless. And that was one of the least offensive.

My verdict? Pull the seedy romance scenes and flesh out the actual story, and you’d have a pretty good drama story. Still not too much my thing, but better than “She hummed against his throat.” What does that even imply?

Not a fast read, it took me a while to finish this. The best part was the saddest part, involving Trevor (don’t worry, no spoilers). That was a real story, and tempts me to give this two stars, but the bad stuff hold it back to one. Sorry folks.

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