Lightning Lord and the Duplex of Death!

 Lightning Lord

By: Shenoa Carroll-Bradd

A lively, rollicking romp around an alternate Victorian London, filled with steam, surprises, and sudden bouts of lightning fill this book with head-shaking, laugh-inducing semi-drama that begs to be read in one sitting and cries out for a sequel!

(Please, please, please write a sequel!!! And can I be a character, too?)

I received this book, not in exchange for an honest review (but you’ll get it anyway), but as a reward for being a Kickstarter Backer. I love weird, and Baby, this fits the bill! I also got a nifty bookmark to go with the book, featuring the cover art. If you get the book, make sure you check the back page for my name (E. Talamante). Yeah. That’s me.

There are a few technical issues scattered throughout the book, but in all reality, it doesn’t take away from the story in any way. The tale of misadventure moves quickly, but in that professional way that doesn’t leave anyone behind. So, those little editing slips – yeah, I can deal with them.

Lincoln Lourd is a self-obsessed ladies man who happens to run around in his underwear – professionally. He’s an underwear model. And a duke, though not by birth, or from having done something really awesome. The really awesome stuff don’t come until later. He got it the same way he seems to get everything else – by being persistent.

Things are dampered only slightly when his estranged nephew comes to stay with him – a nephew with an affinity  for mechanical things. Remembering this, Lincoln takes his nephew to the mechanical menagerie and madness ensues.

After being bit by radioactive lightning, Lincoln starts displaying an uncanny talent. But that’s not all! Moving houses, a stalker, a girlfriend with a risque profession, a butler that has the knack to know what’s needed and when, and super villains make this short book a feast for the imagination!

Read it now, before it’s too late!

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