The Passions of Greedo


By: Jacques

Read: 13 December 2015

This was hilarious!

There is a backstory to a character that had little screen time to begin with, and could be made into a full length book if someone cared enough to write it.

The mixture of religion was humorous, as well as the mention of Samuel L. Jackson at the end. Greedo was indeed (at least according to this) one complex fellow, and it would be interesting to know more about his glaucoma, and his daughter Antigone.

I had fun reading this short-short story, especially building up to the Star Wars release! I might not have rated it so high otherwise. It also gives a deeper insight (official or unofficial) into the scoundrel Han Solo, and how he got his reputation. He is a bad boy, after all!

Also, it shows just how far-reaching the Rebel Movement was… all in one quick, short story. There is a little bit of adult content involved, but not so much that it would have to be giving an ‘adults only’ rating. Concubines and mentioning rape are common enough in YA books that I would not be surprised that kids these days didn’t think twice about it.

In short, funny with a backbone. But be prepared for less humorous material too.

Click image above to read for free, or follow the link here.

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