Flip-a-Word: Quack Shack


By: Harriet Ziefert

Illustrated by: Yukiko Kido

Another great pre-reading book featuring the word families of ‘-ack’, ‘-ick’, and ‘-ock’. The cut-outs make these books fun, and the cute illustrations portray the funny rhymes featured on each page.

I love how my youngest is starting to try to read in other books like we read this. It may be just exposure, but running her finger over the word, whether she says it or not is something she has learned from his series. She is also starting to learn about rhyming sounds and when I read the words at the back, she sometimes repeats the word, and sometimes says a rhyming word. Win!

I’m a little tired of this series. I have one book left on the shelf, and then it will be a bit before I go back to it. But this really is a great series!

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