Libertarianism – Part 2


A reading for my class, “Justice“, discusses the moral choices we are faced with every day, and in rare situations.

Libertarianism is the third chapter of the book, Justice (above). The issue of what is proper distribution of funds – such as taxes – is continued. Micheal Jordan still used as an example, a humorous yet poignant scenario is described, causing us to question just redistribution.

Objections to the Libertarian view are considered, with rebuttals from the Libertarian standpoint. These arguments are then tied with the previous cases of the trolley car and the cabin boy. Other arguments examined include selling kidneys, assisted suicide, and cannibalism.

To read Utilitarianism for yourself, click here. It’s in PDF, so you can download it and read a little at a time. I’ll wait. Or you can purchase the entire book, Justice, by clicking here. I also welcome you to post your thoughts below so we can discuss this further!

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