Star Wars Ultimate Paint Box Activity Book


By: Bendon Publishing

Read: 13 December 2015

Star Wars. It’s everywhere. And my little girl can’t get enough!

Since her daddy found the X-Wing game last year, this little girl has traded in her princesses for storm troopers, and added a light saber to carry with her princess crown.

This novelty book has no spoilers, so don’t rush out to grab it, but it does have some good lineart for classic Star Wars ships and droids, as well as a few of the new ones.

You won’t see anything you haven’t seen yet, but finding out there are Flametroopers as well as the well known Stormtroopers was interesting. The activity pages seem a bit contrived, and odd for a paint book, but it would be something to pass to the kiddies while standing in line waiting to get your seats at the theater, or to give to the babysitter as you and the honey go out on a “date” (to see the movie without said kids).

This book is my daughter’s favorite right now, and will keep her occupied for quite a while as she practices manual dexterity and I write and surf the internet. Total win!

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