Warriors: Ravenpaw’s Path #3: The Heart of a Warrior


Created by: Erin Hunter

Written by: Dan Jolley

Art by: James L. Barry

I am fairly new to the Warriors series, though my son is not. As part of my continual effort to keep up with my kids’ interests, I decided to read one of my son’s library books before I returned it.

This is part of the Manga series, so it was a fairly quick read. It is the final chapter of this set, and although I didn’t have any reference for what had happened before, the story kept moving forward, making minimal, passing references to events that had happened previously. I liked this, as I found I wasn’t lost, nor bogged down in backstory.

The book centers on Ravenpaw and Barley, and a battle for the farm they once called their home. Two clans, Thunderclan and Bloodclan face off, with a little help from unexpected sources, and Barley is left to decide between loyalty to his friends or loyalty to his family. A decision like that is never easy, but Ravenpaw stands by his side as Barley makes the ultimate decision.

Interesting, fast-paced, and unique, this is a good book for fans of the series.

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