Max Ride: First Flight #1


By: James Patterson, et al.

Read: 28 August 2015

Max Ride details the capture of Angel, and tells a bit about the background of Max and the other children who live with her, and how they came to be there. The history is a bit disjointed, and falls in between the story itself. Also, the children’s names seem to mix a bit, so I’m only sure about a few of them, but it is certain that they are all mutants, of one variety or another.

I got this copy for free from Barnes and Nobles ‘Get Pop Cultured’ summer event (greatest idea at a book store EVER). There were two free copies, both different, and I got them both. Roughly, they told the same story, one in black and white, and this one in color. That is not the end of the differences, though.

This edition had somewhat less backstory at the beginning, but left a fuller picture of where the kids were and why, and the attack/abduction happened at the house. They knew their attackers, who appeared to be werewolves called Erasers, and called one by name – Ari, who was unique in that she wore a red dress. This version also extended past the initial escape and into a city…

This is the first in a five part series, and definitely something worth checking out in entirety, though lousy as a stand-alone. See for yourself, though.


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