Dorothy Must Die (PrePublication Excerpt)


By: Danielle Paige

This is a review of the pre-publication excerpt only. I will update this after I have read the complete book.

There’s a new girl in Oz, and she’s got pink hair. And a rat. And she’s from Kansas. But Oz just ain’t the same as the one you seen in the movies – Baum had it right, and Amy just found herself on a massive learning curve when she winds up in the dark, twisted mess that was once the sparkling, Technicolor dream that many of us grew up with. So what happened?

Amy is a character that you immediately start to empathize with. She is believable and someone you want to make friends with – mainly because she don’t have any friends. It’s been a long time since she’s been cut a break, so when she gets whipped into a strange land filled with even stranger people, you can’t help root for her because it seems that even here, where dreams are supposed to come true, Amy is still catching it.

The preview included the first three chapters, as well as a teaser in the 14th chapter, which explains just what is going on. I read many (although admittedly not all) of Frank L. Baum’s Oz books. The Wizard of Oz was only one in a very prolific series of books about Dorothy and the darker side of Oz. The movie, the story that we think we know, is only distantly reminiscent of the actual story. Oz really is a dangerous land.

This is the story that Paige draws from to create a unique, original story filled with adventure, mayhem, and more than a few antagonists. This is definitely one I’m going to add to my library hold-list!

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