Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm


By: Dark Horse Comics

Story by: John Ostrander & Jan Duursema

The origins of the Force, and the modern Jedi are revealed here, although in a convoluted way. The story goes from an historical account, to a Master and his apprentices, then jumps across the galaxy to Tatooine, a familiar planet, although lush with life. Here, on a familiar-named planet, we encounter another race, enslaving the planet through the assistance of a hooded creature referred to as a “Force Hound”.

As the story bounces back and forth a bit, we get a glimpse of the possible origins of the Empire (and the Dark Side) we know so well. When the Hound arrives at the homeplanet of the je’daii, Tython, three young je’daii from strikingly different backgrounds join to bring the Hound down before his darkness destroys the delicate balance of Tython.

A very different look at the mysterious side of a familiar story, themes arise that will be seen again and again throughout the story. But Xesh’s banishment can only have disastrous results, as the young je’daii, Tasha senses.

As mentioned before, the story jumps back and forth a bit much between story lines, and there is no origin of the Empire offered of suggested beyond being behind the Force Hounds. It may be shown in later stories in this collection, but left me guessing, and I kept having to flip back to previous scenes. They were beautifully rendered, but the story in some places actually detracted from the art, as I merely tried to keep up.

Good for fans of everything Star Wars, or those who have a complete knowledge of the mythos, but lightly suggested for anyone else.

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