Bad Kitty: School Daze


By: Nick Bruel

Bad Kitty follows Kitty  – to School! It’s only a day school, but with an evil-sounding teacher, a dog who hates cats, and Kitty’s nemesis (or bane) Puppy along for the ride, it’s off to be a bad day!

This is one of my son’s books, and even though he’s a bit old for it, I can see the appeal – Kitty just catches all the crap, and if she does anything to stand up for herself, she catches even more. Apparently there’s a whole series of these things, and I’m rather curious what kind of mischief the author thinks up for poor Kitty.

The chapters are short, making cause to wonder, ‘Why chapters? Why even bother?’ but they are humorous, to say the least, and since it doesn’t detract from anything, I say, why not.

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