Mindful Discipline


By: Shauna Shapiro & Chris White

A good book for any parent to read, to remind us of *why* we do what we do, and how to avoid trying to be a ‘perfect’ parent while still being mindful of *how* we parent.

I liked the mindfulness exercises, although some of them felt silly and many were much the same. I think the repetition and slight variation, though, were to get you to find your own groove – what practice works best for you. I know I found mine with the grounding exercise.

Also, Shapiro and White gave scientific reasons and proof that the things they suggested worked, and why. I appreciated this the most, since I am the type of person to ask ‘why’ quite often. And the answer was given, supported, and detailed by personal experiences from the authors’ own children.

The personal experiences were very helpful, because instead of just preaching what to do and how to do it, the personal experiences shared a different element, allowing the information to sink in organically. I found myself nodding along to some of these, wanting to share my own experiences of similar events.

The information in this book is a great base, but I’m afraid that the type of parent who would read it is the type who already has this type of mindset, not the ones who really need it. So in this regard, the book falls a little short.


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