2 Zero 7


By: Daniel Sealy

Read: 26 August 2015

This was, in a word, terrible. Most of the story was difficult to follow, and when I went to look it up on Amazon to rate it, I could no longer find it. I guess the author thought better of this and took it down, but don’t think you’re missing anything here.

Where to start?

The art is tolerable, the story is confusing, the action is dubious, and the writing is wooden. There is something about the sword – the sword in the field at the beginning is the most impressive image of the entire story. I would have been happy if the entire story consisted of this field and the sword lying in it, but there was a flashback, and someone’s mother died, and snakes coming out of her back, and assassins…

This could have been an interesting story, but I had such a hard time following it. It was written front to back, like a typical comic, but written in a manga style, which didn’t help with the confusion. Is it meant to be manga? I don’t know.

This was downloaded for my kids, but since they didn’t select it earlier this month when we updated my Kindle, I might just delete it and forget that it even exists. There’s too much good writing out there, and too much I have yet to read to waste precious Kindle space on badly done comics/mangas.

Do yourself a favor and pass on this.

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