Bats at the Beach


By: Brian Lies

It’s a perfect night out – a perfect night for a trip to the beach. The bats grab their blankets and things, and who could tell that they are not people as they play in the sand and water? By their bedtime, of course!

I recall other ‘Bats’ books from this series being read during storytime at the library (it’s been so long since we’ve gone – we need to change that, I think). They are cute and full of bats doing things that bats don’t do, but perhaps they should! Because these bats are so cute!

The simple rhyming lines convey emotion and sweet stories, and invoke images (enhanced by the author-illustrated images) of bats doing family and community things. Not so strange when you consider just how community-minded bats actually are. But the eye for detail the author displays is magical, and provides a feast for the imagination just before bedtime for little bats or children.

A delightful read, and one that can be appreciated by the littlest (being read to) all the way up to the oldest, and everyone in between.

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