Animal Farm


By: George Orwell

A classic with a moral that has only increased in relevance over the years, this is the January selection for

Subtitled ‘A Fairy Story’, this book is ripe with symbology and meaning. The animals strive to free themselves from human tyranny and find that as they move further and further from their former life, things seem to become more and more similar to the way they were – for some of them.

The most moving character for me was the soldier-like Boxer. Even after working harder than anyone, and with a dedicated heart, he was still treated as just another resource that had out-lived it’s usefulness. My heart went out to him and his friend, Clover. Clover seen what was happening, and knew it wasn’t right, but couldn’t determine how to change it on her own.

Snowball tried to be like Jones, but it was Napoleon (with the help of the treacherous Squealer) that became Jones in the end. The Republic of Animals became a mockery of Major’s dream, leaving everyone (even Benjamin) with a bad taste in their mouth.

A warning to those willing to see it, this book will continue to haunt readers into the future – hopefully not one that we will share with the residents of Animal Farm.

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