The Big Tooth Mystery (Busytown)


By: Natalie Shaw

A short Kids’ meal story about a missing tooth and it’s origins. This was bought during the local Library Clearance Sale, and it was probably a good thing, since it was not one of the better books in this series.

The story features Huckle, his sister, and his friend Lowly and a dinosaur that has come to town as part of the museum exhibit. They find a tooth, and recognize it as such, and parade around town trying to locate it’s owner. When they pass the museum and get free tickets, that is when inspiration strikes, and the mystery is solved.

This is not my favorite of the tiny Kids’ Meal books that I picked up, but the bright colors and familiar characters give this little book some value, as do it’s sturdy construction and convenient size. This is a book that I can pass to my toddler and not worry about something happening to it. If something does, oh well. No great loss. And in that, it has value.

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