The Tale of Benjamin Bunny


Retold from the original story by: Beatrix Potter

This is a reduced, shortened tale, from the original Beatrix Potter stories, in a sturdy board book, cleverly shaped around Benjamin wearing a hat and standing in Farmer McGregor’s garden. This is the best part of this version of the book.

I am a fan of Beatrix Potter, and it is probably that reason that when I was in my early teens that I was such a fan of the Redwall books by Brian Jacques. (If you haven’t read them, I highly recommend them.) I recall reading a miniature set to my brothers while growing up, when I was first learning to read (some humorous stories there from my pop), and my local library has a similar, if tattered, antique set that I may go so far as to check out. But for my rough-and-tumble little, this version is perfect, even if the story isn’t.

There are many parts of the story that have been reduced or cut entirely. The Beatrix Potter books I recall had some pretty good moral lessons. Don’t go here, or this is the punishment. Don’t do that, or you’ll find out why in a not-so-nice way.

The switching the boys receive is shown, but not even alluded to, and the message this version offers, is you can steal and sneak around without punishment, just don’t get caught. (Maybe this is why one of my former training sites, the motto was: Don’t Get Caught, Pop! Pop!) Not the kind of morals that I want to pass down.

But the beautiful thing of a picture book, you can tell the story in the pictures – not just read them. And this is what I proceed to do with my little one.

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