Loan Some


By: Megan McLachlan

A quick tale of adventure and accidental encounters abound when librarian Vera needs to find a new job. Enter: Loan Some, a business like no other, who’s sole purpose is to make it’s clients appear popular.

Vera’s librarian position is liquidated as is the public library she works at. It seems that nothing is going right – relationship, job search, even finding the one woman she wants most… Until a strange interview and even stranger job opportunity arises. Vera jumps at the job, but not without feelings of reservation, that increase as the jobs progress.

I liked Vera, and found her very realistic. She acted like many would in her situation. Frequently. What I didn’t like was the pacing of this novella. There were times that the story seemed to jump ahead, skipping like a scratched record. It could have slowed down at a few points, and would make an excellent full-length novel. It seems like a draft copy at times.

The conversations were light and believable, not the stiff speech of some writers. But everyone seemed to have the same casual tone, and Vera didn’t have any problem sharing her personal issues with what amounted to casual acquaintances and total strangers. However, I do know people like this, so that is understandable. Vera’s just an open, honest gal.

I know Vera’s on the rebound, too, but what’s the deal with Greg and Cole? There was no closure here, and I am curious if there will be a second short to follow. So many lose ends!

If you’re looking for a good, fast read on a plane or while you wait, this is it. Loan Some had me laughing out loud at times, and shaking my head a few pages later. It kept me on my toes with plot twists I didn’t see coming. Well done! But at the same time, it could have used a little more refinement before making it to the reader.

Like I mentioned, I hope this is part of some bigger story, because I really liked Vera, and I want to see where she goes next!

  1. Hi! Thank you for reading my book. : )

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