The Star Wars


By: Dark Horse Comics


The Star Wars is based on the original George Lucas script that turned into the massive cult classic that nearly everyone has seen at one point or another.


Not sure if I believe that hype, since the comic script was written by one J. W. Rinzler, and George is nowhere to be seen in the actual credits – just a shout-out over the title, with the infamous words “Based On…”, and as the last named in “Special Thanks to…” – so forgive me if I take a look at this as a completely different series, based on known characters and general plotline. A unique story, unattached to the original as you can get.

This reminds me of grade school projects – one I enjoyed as a kid, and one my own students, in turn, enjoyed from my Special Education teaching days. You know that project, where kids are given a list of words, and told to write as many into a story as possible, and the results from around the class are as varied as the students themselves?

Yeah, it’s a bit like that.

Vader reminds me of a cross between Judge Dredd and Adolf Hitler. There were other characters, like Starkiller and the Sith Knight that had elements that would become part of the Vader we all know. The scarred face made me curious as to the story behind that…

Leia was not the sheltered Princess that the back cover would have us believe. She was a cross between Leia and Amidala, with a little bit of typical dystopian girl-warrior thrown in.

Luke Skywalker was what would become his mentor, Obi-wan ‘Ben’ Kenobi.

Annikin his pupil and Padawan, who is a bit headstrong and unconventional due to his unusual early training. From the beginning you can see the anger in him in much the way we came to expect from the prequel trilogy.

The ever-popular droid Odd Couple, R-2 and 3P-O are seen here, and I have to say, R-2 is funnier when we can only guess at what he is saying, rather than being able to understand him. (I imagined that I was hearing his grunts and whistles rather than the words while I read, which helped a bit.)

Other familiar names are bandied about, too. Biggs. Chewie. Han Solo. But these guys aren’t who you think they are…

Oh, and light sabers! Everyone’s got ’em! Apparently Storm Troopers are issued these things, rather than the blasters, which they can’t hit shit with, even if they try! At least they’re set for close combat with these (even if they are just as inept).

Overall, this is a great parallel universe version of Star Wars, but not something I’d suggest to view as “The Original”. It’s original in it’s own way, but that’s about it. Still, a great story, none-the-less, and well drawn. Dark Horse did an excellent job here.

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