Bella Sara: Bella’s Gift (1)


By: Felicity Brown

Illustrated by: Heather Theurer

Bella Sara. A name sonorous with little girls and colorful, classic-gods-named horses. I first came across Bella Sara on eBay (of all places) when my oldest was about 6. She loved her stuffed Nike, even after she wore the wings off it (reminiscent of stuffed pegusi that me and my younger brothers had growing up, at a similar age). Somewhere I also have a stuffed Bella, originally meant for her own little girl, but likely to be inherited by my youngest, a horse-crazy toddler.

Okay, enough about me. On to this book.

After reading the second book in the series, I thought I knew what to expect from these books. Hoo-boy. Was I wrong. While the Second book was good, this one was imaginative to the point of me continuing to read, even after the little would fall asleep on naps. High fantasy and legends combine to create an exciting tale of adventure, treachery, and danger.

Jillian, an orphan in Styginmoor castle, has a secret. A journal. The journal, unbeknownst to her, is magic. And with it, the evil Ivenna expects to gain even more power than she already controls. But Jillian, with a few of her friends, decides to be strong and fight back.

A story of friendship, inner strength, and acceptance, wrapped in an imaginative tale that could easily be animated from Disney, this was definitely worth the read, and one I wouldn’t mind reading a few more times to my little.

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