The Roll-Away Pumpkin


By: Junia Wonders

Illustrated by: Daniela Volpari

Read: 29 August 2015

A cute story about a little girl and her giant pumpkin and the people of her town that are willing to stop everything in order to help her.

This is a great kids’ book, beautifully illustrated, and it falls squarely into a 4.5 star rating, but since I got it for free on my Kindle, I gave it the full 5.

This is a good story to set the mood for Autumn, or before any harvest event (hay ride, trick-or-treating, last campout, pumpkin carving, etc.) and encourages helping others with simple phrases that can be repeated over and over.

Being a seasonal book, it is safe to say this won’t likely get worn out, and may even become a seasonal tradition – likely in my house to say the least!

This is definitely one to look for and get, especially if you have younger kids. A winner for sure!

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