The Great Divorce


By: C.S. Lewis

This has long been a favorite of mine, and a perfect read for February’s book choice for my Book Club.

The unnamed protagonist takes a bus ride up from Hell and encounters many guides along the way as he learns of true Love and what it really is to feel that Love. For many, the act of letting their own perceptions go is too much to bear, but for a lucky few, Heaven isn’t too far away, as the song once stated.

A allegorical piece, written in a kind of reply to Blake’s Marriage Between Heaven and Hell, Lewis makes fine use of simple words and sensations, weaving a very real place that makes you want to believe that it’s not all just a dream.

I have recommended this book to many people over the years, and read it many times, and I always find something new to take away from it. A short read, but with powerful intent, Lewis plies his trade very well, and reminds me why I return to his writing over and over as an example.

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