Good Night, Gorilla


By: Peggy Rathmann

A cute picture book with limited words featuring a variety of animals and a tired zookeeper named Joe. This is the board-book version, and perfect for a bedtime story for little ones before or after a trip to the zoo (or both!). The look on the zookeeper’s wife’s face is priceless, and the story leaves alot to be imagined and told, retold, and shared, even by the youngest talkers. You can’t tell it wrong!

This book was found at a second-hand store. My youngest daughter picked it out as her older brother and sister were perusing for books for themselves – primarily Warriors cats books for my son, and Anime/Manga for my daughter (I’ll probably start reading these before too long, too). I couldn’t buy for them, and not for her, even though she already has a slew of picture books and board books already. So I bought it.

I like that each animal has it’s own colored cage with matching key. Reading this to my two-year-old, since there weren’t many words, allowed me to point out and discuss things going on in each picture, until she was tired of that page and ready to move on. Some pages lasted longer than others.

My youngest is currently moving past using animal noises to name animals, and moving toward their common names, so this book helped with that, too. Some of them, like armadillo and giraffe leave me a little clueless and reaching for the internet as to their sounds. Research! I love research!

This book is the perfect addition to young wannabe zookeepers shelves, bedtime story shelves, and little storytellers’ shelves.

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