The Concept of the Hero

The first reading for my class, “The Ancient Greek Hero”, discusses the manner in which a hero genuinely becomes a Hero.

The Concept of the Hero is a short article that uses the story of Achilles as a primary example of what exactly makes a Hero. To be made a hero, according to the ancient Greeks, one must suffer in life, have a significant death, and have both recorded in song. This song, called kleos, is compared to an unwilting flower. Achilles apparently knew this well, as he lamented it during a quoted portion of the Iliad. A Hero then received not only his song as reward, but later festivals, temples, and athletic events, dedicated to their memory. What a way to go!

To read The Concept of the Hero for yourself, click here. You can also watch the video posted at the side. I’ll wait. I also welcome you to post your thoughts below so we can discuss this further!

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