The Walking Dead, Vol. 01: Days Gone Bye


By: Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore

Read: 28 June 2015

The Walking Dead. It’s a thing now, and has been for the last few years, so I knew it was only a matter of time before I read the graphic novel that started it all – and reviewed it!

This. Was. Incredible.

I seen quite a bit of the series, before I started making my other half watch this in the bedroom, and away from my impressionable little one. It was gory, graphic, and a soap opera for guys. Too much drama. But, even so, it was believable. I could see things happening something like that.

But I had missed a number of the early episodes, and this filled in those gaps, giving a reason to some stuff that I hadn’t known. I’m sure there were some changes in there, but I doubt too many…

The art… the art was good. So good, that now, months later, that I picture the art with a realistic tint… I recognized it. Even when I was reading it, I was so drawn in that I felt like I was watching it.

This takes the beginning of the story – Rick wakes up in a hospital room, with vague memories, alone. At first glance, the hospital seems empty, but Rick finds that’s not quite true.

He makes it out and on toward home, in a surreal wave of post hospital haze, borderline starvation, and situational unawareness – things that spell danger for any kind of lawman, but especially for a cop.

Rick finds his street abandoned, as is most everything, and almost immediately gets cracked on the head. When he comes to, it’s to an explanation that would make anyone wish they were having a bad dream. His new neighbors fill him in on the details, and in return, he fills them in on firearms and transportation.

At this point, he still believes it’s only temporary. Oh, Rick, if only you knew.

He loads up and books it, searching for his family – his wife and son. He’s got an idea where they may have gone, and makes that his sole mission, no concern for what comes next. He’s got to find his family.

It’s that desperate need that drives Rick through everything – putting one foot in front of the other for his family, no concern about what comes next. He’ll worry about that when he gets to it.

When he does track them down, though, Rick’s troubles are not over. It’s getting colder, and he’s got a rival – his partner.

Rick continues to put one foot in front of the other, and that’s why we love him. When shit gets tough, he drives on, whether he wants to give up or not. Rick is a dedicated man, even if he is a bit delusional. (No, the Army can’t fix everything…)

Need to put part 2 on hold, now, and see how this continues to play out. ‘Tis the season, and all that…

PS – I had originally rated this 3/5 stars, but thinking back on it, it gets a 4/5. It was not enough of my thing to get a full 5, but it was good. Damn good.

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