Punky Brewster (#1)


By: Joelle Sellner

Read: 19 September 2015

I received this as a digital (Kindle) copy from NetGalley. I had requested it because I remembered watching Punky Brewster back in the day, but I couldn’t remember much about it, and figured this might give my memory a boost while at the same time being a reboot of a classic.

Well, I was half right.

I still don’t remember much from the old show (maybe if I get time I’ll check YouTube), but this was a definite reboot, what with mentions of digital photography and computer files… I just wish it had been easier to read.

The story gets four stars – there was alot of back and forth between characters that although it lended some realism to the story, also dragged the chapters out.

However, this edition would only get two stars. The formatting hardly existed – entire sentences mixed and intermingled across two or even three pages, some of the art panels were only partially shown, and an entire chapter that was nothing but beautiful art panels of a courtroom drama, that one could only guess at what was going on. Nice, but give some notes at least.

And for those who might be critical of my explanation, here:

Henry Warnimont is a single man. He You’re fired!

travels for business, Just smile and look welladjusted.

which would leave the child



who are you?

Lois Dent from Family Services. |

represent the child.

Because of his age, | object! |Mr. Warnimont mayam not old and have health

issues  thatfeeble!  would  make  him   lessPleasethan   ideal.   sit

There is a note at the end, stating “Uncorrected Proof Copy – Please Do Not Quote Without Comparison To The Final Book”, so it must be noted that this is not likely the final result, nor may it be typical of all Galley copies. but this was very frustrating to read, and detracted from the actual story.

Which, incidentally, was very good! (Or, at least, what I could read of it.)

But, due to the formatting issues, I chose to take the middle ground in rating until I can read this in its final format. At that time I will revisit this review and correct it as needed.

Final thoughts – don’t go for an advanced copy of this, or even a digital copy – get a printed one. According to the notes at the end, it will go for $12.99.


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