Your Baby Can Read!: Starter Book

(cover picture not currently available)

By: Robert Titzer, Ph.D.

This is an interesting concept for a children’s book series, and one that I’ve seen similar offered on tv, but I thought that the idea and the price didn’t correlate even remotely. But, when I seen these at our public library’s big sale, I figured, what the heck – I’ll give it a try.

And I was actually surprised. So far I’ve only read this with my two-year old a few times, and I know she recognizes a few words by sight already (cat being her favorite), but responding to the words, and reading them out loud on sight is a powerful thing. I was worried that this was a memorization thing, where kids learn a pattern and stick to it, but so far, it doesn’t seem to be like that.

This book is definitely meant to be read with your child, and shouldn’t be left alone with a little for long periods (my own little tore a few pages trying to open the lift-a-flaps by herself). But the photos and the interactive comments behind the words help little ones to better understand the meaning of familiar words, and better associate what they see with what they read.

Not at all a bad way to start out, but I still think that the high price tag is unreasonable – similar could be accomplished with a well stocked library of first-readers. This simply combines elements in a handy volume.

I have other books from this set as well, so I may make it a point to dig them out and see if I am just as impressed with them as I was with this.


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