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Movie Night – Robocop (2014)

Another movie courtesy of out local public library:


Tonight was Family Movie Night, and tonight’s selection was Robocop. The original version was somewhat corny, and so is this one. Good cop gets injured thanks to the line of duty, gets revolutionary treatment, melding what is left of his body with a mechanical suit and computer programming, turning him into a tool (literally and figuratively).

While the man/machine story is not new, the take was modernized, and something believable for the very near future. However, this wasn’t a complete copy of Robocop – it seems they threw some Judge Dredd in there, Cylon (Battlestar Galactica) in there, and Hunger Games-like media coverage. Obviously this is an updated, pop-media aware version of a cult classic!

Good action movie, but don’t expect a replay of the original – this one has all of the updated tech you would expect from a modern action flick, plus some advanced tech befitting its futuristic storyline. I’d give it 3.5 stars (out of 5).

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Movie Night – Timbuktu

So, I am still behind in my reviews, but I am working on them. Really!! But last night was Movie Night, and I seen a deeply moving motion picture that I had borrowed from my local library (libraries are AWESOME!) that I felt I should share with you all.


The story of a small town, families torn apart by tragedy, and standing up for yourself. The character that I felt the most moved by as the credits rolled was Toya. She lost so much… But by no means was she the only moving figure…

The fish seller. The fisherman. The former rapper. The late night singers. The woman and Sweetpea. The cowherd.

This was an excellent film, and one of those rare things that made you glad that you watched instead of read, and for this, I chose to share it. If you want to watch a movie with a powerful message, I highly recommend this one!