Noticing Non-Fiction

I read a little bit of everything. Don’t believe me? Well, I’d invite you to my house to check out my bookshelves, but I’m a little busy reading at the moment… Maybe some other time?

Will all seriousness, though, I do read a fair share of interesting non-fiction material. It is usually parenting or scientific in nature, but by all means I do not limit myself to these subjects. I am a naturally curious person, and reading is just one outlet for that.

I will try to remember to add where the recommendation for the book came from in the review, but as I sometimes have a hard time remembering myself, well, you may be on your own to find the relevance in some of my selections.

Non-fiction books are amazing resources for understanding the world at large, or finer points of a novel. More than once a casual reference in a book has left me feverishly researching a topic (currently, Mrs. O’Leary’s cow – I’ll try to remember to update my current fascination with time), granting more attention to the story behind the story. But isn’t that what makes a story that much deeper and colorful?

I think so.

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