The Long Road Home: One Step at a Time


By: G. B. Trudeau

If you’ve ever read the Sunday comics in the paper, you are likely to have seen Doonesbury. If you are like me, then you probably skipped over it, or saved it until after you’ve read the good ones. Doonesbury tended to be political satire, a genre that has a hard time competing for kids’ attentions against the likes of Garfield and The Wizard of Id.

But this mini-novel in comic form takes on an even more serious topic of wounded veterans. It’s a difficult subject to broach at even the best of times, but this was put out when troops were coming home with the kids of injuries B.D. experiences. And just as he suffers depression and self-rejection, so were the boys and girls that were having these experiences.

This is a poignant look at one journey, although fictional, with the support of a healthy family group. Not every troop receives this kind of support, and there isn’t alot of conversation about those guys. But the very basic story does touch a nerve, and touches on some of the trials faced after losing a limb.

I’m still not a fan of Doonesbury, but I respect the time and effort put into this promotional story. It is worth reading, if only for reference.

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