A Love Undone


By: Cindy Woodsmall

I really didn’t think I’d like this book. Really. I grew up around the Amish, and have a vast respect for the culture. The first chapter really turned me off of it. But I kept reading, and was really glad I did.

First off, alot of the jumping around at the beginning left me confused. That could have been dealt with a little better. I realized at the end that everything that happened in the in-between time was revealed strategically, but it was confusing for a first-time read.

Second, for Old Order Amish (as the book claims the Keims are), they don’t act as Old Order. They have phones and ride in cars, and have buttons! A detail as small as buttons indicates something seriously different than Old Order.

And then there were the horses… and I decided to give this book a real chance after all.

I’m glad I did. Andy was my favourite character, although I felt drawn to similarities with Jo, and realized that I could have been her. But it was Andy that I really bonded with. He had a gentleness and understanding of horses that he was believable. He struggled and resisted his feelings in a way Jo didn’t. From her perspective, I felt like I was reading a romance – not my favourite kind of book, even though it is one. But from Andy – this was an Amish/horse story with a little drama thrown in.

This book was worth reading. And recommended. And one that I will recall fondly. But that’s about it.

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