Valkrist’s Flight


By: Felicity Brown

Illustrated by: Spoops

Just finished my first Bella Sara book, and I was impressed! I got my oldest daughter into Bella Sara many years ago, buying her the stuffed horses, the cards, a nightgown… you name it. How surprised was I to find that it is also a book series? I found three of the books at my local used book store, and picked them up, not even checking the price for my youngest, a horse-crazy toddler (must run in the family)!

The story opens kind of sad, with Emma remembering the family she lost in a car accident. But a new friend and a new foal keep her occupied, even if her aunt, uncle, and cousin are harsh and unloving. When an accident sets the barn on fire, and Emma looses everything she could still call hers, a strange visit teaches her to follow her heart and become one with her lost heritage.

A sweet story of finding who you are, and trusting in the goodness of others. The magical ending was charming and leads to a curiosity to explore Bella Sara’s world further with a free download code at the end of the book. My youngest may be a little young for this, but with some help for her sister, this could be a fun inter-generational activity.

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