I Am Number Four


By: Pittacus Lore

So, I watched the movie version of this this evening, and realized that I never wrote the review to this. I have been remiss.

So, I downloaded this on a phone I had a while back, that wound up stolen. The book was an ‘unofficial’ one I had found on Google Play, and had all kinds of little errors in it. But, since I was doing alot of couch-surfing during that period, along with a deployment and a bunch of other stuff I shall ignore for the time being as irrelevant, I didn’t have room or opportunity to drag around alot of books.

It sucked.

So, I had this, and as bad and cliche as it was, it was something. (I also started reading ‘Game of Thrones’ around this time, but that’s another review entirely.)

And by ‘bad’, I mean:

This story seems like it must have been written on a bet, or during NaNoWriMo, and centers on an interesting concept, written decently, but so, so bad. It utilizes as many YA cliches as possible:

Teenaged protagonist? Check.

Love interest? Check.

Broken family/dead family members? Check.

Unique/special/chosen one as main character? Check.

Coming of age/coming into their own? Check.

Mystery behind their past? Check.

Trying to/trouble fitting in? Check.

Bad guys chasing them down? Check.

Fate of everyone/life as we know it hanging in the balance? Check.

Dorky/geeky sidekick? Check.

Epic-style final battle that leads into something bigger? Check.

Running to the next time/next book? Check.

And then some. But, you get the picture. I liked the idea of Lorien, and of developing the legacies. But it was all too easy. And why worry about the kids when the aliens could have just taken over? I don’t get that.

Anyway, I struggled through this. It took absolutely too long to read – I’d get about ten phone-pages in, and have to close the app because it was too stupid for words.

But, then again, I did keep coming back to it, so I guess it did have some staying power.

I seen the movie a while later with some friends, and enjoyed pointing out the differences (I should never be taken to a theater to see a book-movie – I’m a talker when it comes to that) in the comforts of home. While the special effects were cool, you would do better to read the book.

At some point, I may go back and re-read this, and continue the series, but there is so much other stuff out there I like so much more, that I wouldn’t wait around…

(That is, unless someone wanted to send me the books, then I’m obligated by my own morals to actually read them, and thus review them, and let my opinions then be known…)

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