The Very Hungry Caterpillar


By: Eric Carle

A classic in board-book format for little hands to explore. A real classic in children’s literature, by a legend. This book has been around since I read it to my younger brothers as a child, and now I enjoy sharing it with my own children.

The story of a caterpillar’s gastro-journey into a butterfly, complete with interactive colorful images. A must read for any small child, or the curious child inside all of us.

The caterpillar’s meals leave little holes in the food that children love to poke a finger through, and with the sturdy board-book format, you can let a child poke until their hearts content without worrying about torn pages. This book also encourages counting along with the caterpillar, learning days of the week, colors, and the transformation of caterpillar into a butterfly.

We went to the Butterfly Pavilion at the local Botanical Gardens and watched butterflies emerging from their cocoons – a magical experience. This book is a wonderful companion to such an experience, and one that can be passed down, year after year.

Highly recommended.

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