The Thickety


By: J.A. White

Illustrations by: Andrea Offermann

This book was amazing! A story that wound itself carefully, and left haunting images in a world blindly trying to ignore the magic that surrounded it. Kara is her mother’s daughter, and is trying to understand that after her mother is brutally judged and killed as a witch. But Kara is full of unanswered questions that she just don’t have time for. Until one day that a strange crow-like creature leads her into the Thickety. From there, her life changes forever…

White weaves a tale both beautiful and strange, leaving the reader hungrily devouring every word. I found a few mistakes in the book (calling Shadowdancer ‘him’ at one point) and the final battle with Grace left me a little confused about who cast what, but I loved this book, and closed the last page wondering, “So when’s the movie coming out? That is going to be awesome!”

Yes, The Thickety is awesome, and sets up for an epic adventure of classic proportions. I started it thinking that it was going to be a kid story, great for a naptime read for my two-year-old, but found that it is so much more. Beasts of unknown origin? Check. Magic and those who fear it? Check. Spells, grimoires, and witches? Check, check, check. And a mysterious forest that poisons others while opening to only one girl? Absolutely check.

Since there are things that are only mentioned, and not resolved, I am looking forward to finding out more about them in the next book. But until then, this book is amazing! And deserves to be read. Heck, it begs to be read… Listen…

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