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But What If We’re Wrong?

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Read: 2017

Title: But What If We’re Wrong?

By: Chuck Klosterman


So this was one of the most mentally engaging books I’ve read in a while. It was almost worth it, spilling coffee on the pages and having to buy it from the library.

Almost. (Sacrilege!)

Although if I hadn’t abused the poor library book, I would have likely bought this one anyways – it’s just that good!

Klosterman goes about imploding heads as he tackles issues big (like gravity) and small (like god particles), and talks to experts in fields ranging from children’s sports to science, to everything in between just to ask the question – but what if we *are* wrong?

And what if we are?

I mean, alot of these arguments make tons of valid sense. Open the book to any random page, and start reading – you’ll soon find yourself nodding along, agreeing that there is validity to his arguments, even if you don’t particularly agree with Klosterman’s vantage.

This is a book that is not meant to be read in a single setting, but rather to be enjoyed in bits and bites, allowing time to digest the concepts and to raise your own opinions about the subjects. It is written conveniently into little essays, divided up by topic, but references other essays within the structure.

This is a book to break out at a party, just because the cover blows peoples minds, and then to start reading aloud, seemingly at random, and watch the conversation around you emerge. (I’ve done that!)

This is a book to take on a roadtrip (as long as you aren’t the driver) to pull out when the radio stations have all turned to shit and you can’t pick up a decent channel for miles. Trust me, this book will carry you to your destination, although the conversations may not end, even when you get there. (Done this, too!)

This is a book with footnotes, that make you wish that more books added footnotes regularly. Who knew that they could be so fun?! Outtakes of a busy mind that have to be added, but don’t fit the flow any other way.

This is a book that will go on the shelf to be shared and showed off as frequently as possible. Because…

What if we’re wrong?



Reviews and Updates – February 18

Yesterday was a bust, with the little one getting croup and being clingy and needy. I didn’t get anything done. I’d hoped maybe I’d get some reading done, but that was a fail, as well.

So, it was a forced break.

But today, after a doctor’s appointment yesterday, and getting some of my needed errands out of the way early (just in case), I think I can get a bit done today that’s been sitting on my “Finish Me” pile (and tabs)…


Don’t forget about my Coloring Contest from the popular webcomic, Girl Genius.

ggmain20160208a^^This one wasn’t colored in, but if you’re enjoying the story so far, you can print it out and post your colored version in the comments below to win a prize!^^

If you like this, you can catch up here, or pick up where we left off, here.



Reading Break – Girl Genius – February 16

Stories and books are loved all the world over, and sometimes I get just a little thrill when I get to see one of my favorite stories talking about one of my favorite subjects…


So, since I decided to do some catching up today while the little one is sick and moaning about dying (don’t know where she got that one…), I’ll post the story arc (up to it’s current location) here…







^^This one wasn’t colored in, but if you’re enjoying the story so far, you can print it out and post your colored version in the comments below to win a prize!^^




If you like this, you can catch up here, or pick up where we left off, here.

And don’t forget about the Coloring Contest! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s renditions!

We’ll return to our regularly scheduled posts tomorrow!

Book of the Week

Thought I’d get this out a little early this week since I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, and I’ve been late enough as it is. Besides, I don’t think any book will outshine this as my Pick of the Week:

 Lightning Lord

By: Shenoa Carroll-Bradd

A lively, rollicking romp around an alternate Victorian London, filled with steam, surprises, and sudden bouts of lightning fill this book with head-shaking, laugh-inducing semi-drama that begs to be read in one sitting and cries out for a sequel!

(Please, please, please write a sequel!!! And can I be a character, too?)

Read the rest here.

Highly recommended!

Goodreads ARCs Update

Today I got another Good Reads First Read in the mail. This one is:

Sailors of Stonehenge

I’ll update as soon as I read it. I’ve also gotten behind on my updates, so I’ll be listing more updates and book reviews soon!