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Quotes and Updates – February 1

So this month I am dedicated to getting back to editing my first novella – The Companion, the first in my new series, Electric Sheep. I planned on getting it done in December, but… yeah.

So this month, for sure.

I am also going to start working on the sequel. This one will be coming from a new direction, but I expect it to be a catalyst to the story.

I will be writing with other writers, to get the first draft written with VBIAM. It is a writing program I have used in the past and is really fun. Feel free to sign up to get daily updates from myself and other writers.

You can read my first message here, dedicating to these new projects (and spoilers as to what is to come!). I encourage you to follow that journey with me.


I am also working on making it a point to update my books more often. I have found in the past that if I update quotes and such for books, I am more likely to read them faster, less likely to put them aside for something new, and more able to keep up with reading multiple stories all at once.

I am bad about the multiple story thing. I have over a dozen books that I am currently in the middle of. I’m going to work on whittling that number down, but I get easily distracted by the new and shiny…


Today I will be updating as I go, so this post will grow as the day progresses… (this is an experiment, so it may not be a permanent feature).

Starting with this morning’s read:


Pg 42 –

“As far as I know, the Casino doesn’t stand on hallowed ground.”

The vampire looked down on me with an air of haughty disdain. Whatever faults Ghastek had, his control over the undead was superb. “That is a matter of opinion.”

Pg 57 –

I didn’t know if a power word would stop it, but I was out of options.

Pg 65 –

Even from this distance, his pose telegraphed violence, tightly coiled and reigned in, but ready to explode at the slightest provocation.



59% –

“How plump and tasty – she must have been fattened on nuts!” exclaimed the old bandit woman.


Well, got to busy myself with looking busy now…

Catching Up With Reviews

I am working on catching up with my reviews again, so this page is going to go through alot of transformations in the next few days. Feel free to check back often and click on the covers for their reviews. If a cover doesn’t take you to a review right away, check back in a day or two – I may not have finished it yet.

I post short reviews with the link back to the full reviews on many sites:




and introducing: NetGalley (for select titles)

Posting all of the reviews at approximately the same time takes a little time in itself. I try to make sure each is given equal love. To write and post a review takes about an hour, although depending on distractions, it can take longer. Some books it is hard to say something about, and others I can’t say enough, but each review takes a chunk of time. I try to make it worthwhile, for me and anyone who reads this.

That said, I also have a bit of literary events and interests that I post about from time to time, and since I travel for work, I may get to share locations like this:


Yes. That is a tunnel made from books. (There will be more photos later.)

I also attend some fascinating events that pertain to literature – in some cases remotely, some directly. Like this one:



And I am continuing my reading challenge – are you still reading along? I’ll be posting my selections for each category soon, and would like to know what you have read…


Finally, this is the year I have declared to be The Year of Women Authors (#yearofwomenauthors #2015YoWA).  I have read books by men and women, but have tried to find books with an emphasis of women. This has expanded my usual reading choices, and encouraged me to release my own story for publication –


So continue reading along, and I’ll have more exclusives coming your way soon!


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