Happy New Year, 2017!

Happy New Year, everybody!

I am excited to be starting 2017… New Year, new start.

2016 was supposed to be a year of Retro reading – going back and re-reading childhood favorites. Didn’t happen.

2016 was supposed to be a year of big projects – doing things that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Didn’t happen.

2016 was supposed to be a year of moving past my medical limitations – getting back into fitness. Didn’t happen.

2016 was instead a year of disappointment, procrastination, loss, and lack of focus. It was really bad. I think John Oliver put it best:

F*ck You 2016!

F*ck You 2016!


Anyways, after a year of bad starts, it is the Year of the Cock (or Rooster, for the prudish), and time to stroll away from the wreckage and start over…


So here’s to a New Year, great friends, and a memorable journey!

To 2017!

To 2017!


About ermareads

I have been reviewing books professionally since I was 15, and writing books since I was 7. I have a discerning taste for literature, the first, and most lasting gift my father ever gave me. With reviews more frequently online, I thought I would join the excitement and share my knowledge of good books!

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  1. Happy New Year Erma!

    Greetings by Sophie

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