Quotes and Updates – February 4

So yesterday was another set-back day. So I am up early this morning, getting things done, and kicking my sleep habit. We got stuff to do, and sleep is a luxury.


This morning I am going to try to finish those two books that are weighing so heavily on me. And maybe one or two others. We’ll see.

For reference, those two are:



Both good books. And I will finish both today, and turn them in, come Hell or high water (good thing I live on a hill)!


And I know I mentioned this yesterday, but going to keep this up until the day before Valentine’s, because they also do e-books, in case you need a last minute something.


Their website says:

In our novels, any couple can play the starring roles as hero or heroine. With 50+ books and ebooks set in exotic locations around the world, there’s something for everyone (even vampire, detective, golf and historical fiction). Our authors blend action and romance to produce fun, campy books for a one-of-a-kind gift or keepsake. Choose “Categories” to narrow in on yours!

Disclaimer: I am in no way connected to or involved with this product.


As to my writing projects, I didn’t get anything done.

I wound up getting visited by out of town relatives. Seems everyone wants to see me lately…

More about what I did accomplish to come…


Reading Updates:


Pg 248 –

“Anytime there is a power shift, people rumble. After you kill the first couple of challengers, you’ll be fine.”

Pg 256 –

Jennifer looked at me. “I’ll give you three wolves.”

“Why three?”

“If there is trouble, one will take custody of you and execute a retreat, while the other two will run interference.”

Pg 263 –

“If she decides that you’re not up to snuff, she’ll fix the mistake of your existence. Her words, not mine.”

“She has a high opinion of herself,” Andrea said.

“Oh yes. When she gets into a car, her ego has to ride shotgun.”

Pg 304 –

The shapeshifters didn’t believe in jails. Typical punishments were death or labor. In the rare cases when they did sentence someone to isolation, they exiles them to a remote area.

Pg 312 –

Damn near half of Atlanta must’ve seen the flag and turned out to watch the Order slug it out with the Plaguebringer. Every single one of them could die tonight and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.

Pg 318 –

She started toward me, bringing her goons in a triangular formation: Beast on the left, Gale on the right, and Darkness in the center.

Pg 328 –

“You’re mine. You can’t let her win. She can’t have you.”

Pg 335 –

“Next we have Clan Heavy, the large predators who don’t fit into the other packs. Wereboars, werebison, werewolverines, even a werebaboon, but most of them are bears and bears hate to be surprised. “



Time to get reading, y’all…

About ermareads

I have been reviewing books professionally since I was 15, and writing books since I was 7. I have a discerning taste for literature, the first, and most lasting gift my father ever gave me. With reviews more frequently online, I thought I would join the excitement and share my knowledge of good books!

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