Quotes and Updates – February 3

So yesterday was another set-back day. So I am up early this morning, getting things done, and kicking my sleep habit. We got stuff to do, and sleep is a luxury.


This morning I am going to try to finish those two books that are weighing so heavily on me. And maybe one or two others. We’ll see.

For reference, those two are:



Both good books. And I will finish both today, and turn them in, come Hell or high water (good thing I live on a hill)!


And I know I mentioned this yesterday, but going to keep this up until the day before Valentine’s, because they also do e-books, in case you need a last minute something.


Their website says:

In our novels, any couple can play the starring roles as hero or heroine. With 50+ books and ebooks set in exotic locations around the world, there’s something for everyone (even vampire, detective, golf and historical fiction). Our authors blend action and romance to produce fun, campy books for a one-of-a-kind gift or keepsake. Choose “Categories” to narrow in on yours!

Disclaimer: I am in no way connected to or involved with this product.


As to my writing projects, I didn’t get anything done.

I wound up getting visited by not one, but two visitors, and had to watch the new episode of Shannara.


More about what I did accomplish to come…


Reading Updates:


Pg 101 –

The notation stated that the parchment was found inside the amulet and it was blank. Whooptidoo.

Pg 132 –

The night was freezing and I took Karmelion, my old, beat-up truck of a bile green color. It was missing the front light assembly and had more dents than a crushed Coke can, but it ran during magic waves and it would keep me warm. It also made enough noise to wake the dead, but I didn’t care. Being warm won.

Pg 163 –

I had to keep Saiman alive. I needed him to help me with my petition, and I had extended the Order’s protection to him when I agreed to this idiotic date.

Pg 170 –

He saw me and changed direction in midleap. That’s right. Come let me kiss you with my fist, baby.

Pg 177 –

I raised myself on the elbow to kick it off and caught sight of my apartment. We’d wrecked the place. “At least the building is still standing.”

“I pride myself on restraint,” he said.

Pg 187 –

“How many women have you slept with?”

“Well, are we counting long-term partners or one-night stands?”

Pg 196 –

The golem shuddered. One huge columnar leg lifted and stepped forward, shaking the floor.

Pg 216 –

“Erra makes plagues. In ancient times, she walked before Roland’s army. She’d pass through the place and the next morning there would be nothing but corpses.”

Pg 224 –

“What were your children like?”

“Impulsive. And violent. I mostly made boys, and they tended toward the simple pleasures in life: drinking, whoring, and fighting, preferably all three at once.”



Time to get reading, y’all…


About ermareads

I have been reviewing books professionally since I was 15, and writing books since I was 7. I have a discerning taste for literature, the first, and most lasting gift my father ever gave me. With reviews more frequently online, I thought I would join the excitement and share my knowledge of good books!

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