The Holidays Rock (more to Come)

I love Hastings (the store, not the town). Today I hustled the kids out the door and down to the store, and we ‘rented’ the limit of 10 movies.

For free.

The list includes some book-movies, and some reborn classics:
Age of Ultron
Death Note (The Movie)
Insidious 3 (my daughter’s choice)
Scorch Trials
Terminator Genisys
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Happy Holidays!

About ermareads

I have been reviewing books professionally since I was 15, and writing books since I was 7. I have a discerning taste for literature, the first, and most lasting gift my father ever gave me. With reviews more frequently online, I thought I would join the excitement and share my knowledge of good books!

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  1. Free is always a good thing.

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