GoodReads ARCs (Takes 5 and 6)

This morning I checked my email, to find it again listing me as a winner of not one, but two First Reads books. Twice! (I didn’t get to my email much yesterday because of a Doctor’s appointment in the morning, then spending the rest of the day in bed, ill.)

As soon as I receive them, I will be adding them to my reviews. Just to note, the titles are as follows:

*Yesterday’s Reads*

Bye Baby Bunting

The Dance of the Seagull (Salvù Montalbano, #15)

*Today’s Reads*

The Cherry Cola Book Club

Gilded Age

If you get a chance to read these books, feel free to review them here, too! To view more about each of these books, click on the title.


I also managed to check my mail today, and am pleased to inform you of the first titles I have received! In no particular order, they are:

Killer Koala Bears from Another Dimension

A Shade of Vampire

I will be starting one of these tonight, and posting about it as soon as I finish. With school, Doctor appointments, and the weather warming up (giving me no more excuses for not walking the pups), I should be finishing one every week or two, so please be patient.

About ermareads

I have been reviewing books professionally since I was 15, and writing books since I was 7. I have a discerning taste for literature, the first, and most lasting gift my father ever gave me. With reviews more frequently online, I thought I would join the excitement and share my knowledge of good books!

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